Jimmy Len E. Viloria

1980 was the year I got saved. As mentioned in my brother’s (Senior pastor Jesse Viloria) profile/testimony, our family went through a difficult spiritual battle and as a result we as a family started seeking for answers…


That Answer was Jesus Christ our Lord. Soon after I got saved, me and the rest of the family (aside from my dad who got saved after a later time and my older brother Jefferson who was in the states at that time) started serving the Lord in various ways such as volunteering for children’s church, worship team, ushering and every other way possible .

Then when my brother, Jesse answered to the call of serving God in 1984 I also answered the call to serve in full-time ministry. In 1987 when Pastor Jesse answered to the call of being the senior pastor, I too answered God’s call to be an associate pastor to assist Jesse in the vision God has placed in his heart.

Born in August 11, 1968 in Olongapo City, Philippines, married to Florence Lim Viloria on October 12, 1996 with two step daughters Precious Heart and Justin Ann.

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