Margaret S. Viloria

Before I came to the Lord I was like every other teenager looking for something that I was not sure of what I was looking for. I guess that’s what you call “lost”. All I knew was that there was something missing in my life. So to give me a sense of accomplishment, I would join various school events and activities and try to excel in them.

But as I grew, my need to satisfy that emptiness was overwhelmed by the problems I was observing in my home. These problems made me a worrier that led me to isolation. Though I tried to fight and hide that feeling of isolation by surrounding myself with friends, the loneliness and emptiness still overshadowed me.

But in the year of 1982 I was invited to attend a Christian fellowship to listen to a testimony of a person whose life was changed by God. He was a murder and yet his life was changed by God and he was being used by God to share His love to others. margeWhat I heard and what I saw God did in the life of this man was something I knew that I too wanted. So that very night I opened my heart to God and realized what was missing in my life. It was a relationship with God through Christ! Since then, I began to be hungrier for God and His Word, serving Him through different means, then finally entering into Full-time ministry in the year 1984.

Then on the 25th day of October 1987, I married Jesse Lee E. Viloria, one of the founders and senior pastor of Church of the Risen Christ and I have been serving alongside my husband since the beginning of CRC. I find fullness in God and serving Him.