Marlowe A. Edusada

I met the Lord on September 1989. It was also during this time that I was suffering from malaria and was told by doctors that I would have to undergo a blood transfusion. But due to the lack of finances, I was not able to have this procedure done so I continuously battled with the sickness. Then one day I was invited by a friend to attend a church service at “Philippine Agape Ministry” which now goes by the name, “Church of the Risen Christ”. And it was during the service that prayer was being offered for those who needed healing. As I responded to the call of prayer for healing, I immediately felt the presence of God as I was being prayed for. Not knowing what had happened to me and not realizing that the service has ended, I found myself lying on the floor of the church. lowe2I found out later that as I was being prayed for, the presence of God was so powerful upon me that I was slained in the spirit, a term we use when a person under the power of God faints without any human or natural intervention. It was during the week after I was prayed for that I noticed that the symptoms of Malaria was no longer bothering me. I believe I was healed by the Lord. So the following Sunday, I attended again, and gave my life to the Lord and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. From that day on, the symptoms of malaria never returned and so I decided to serve Him. Then it was in the year 1992 that I was asked if I would like to serve the Lord as a full time worker of the church serving as building maintenance, custodian and caretaker, which I accepted.

In 1995, I got married to Lolita A. Reyes and was blessed with two children, namely Christian Dale, born September 28, 1997 and Majesty Lois, born February 17, 2000. Then the unexpected happened. My wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and in a matter of time she went to be with the Lord. This was on December 06, 2012. But in spite of the hardship we experienced as we battled cancer, the Lord was so good in providing for us everything we needed during that time. And though it was not an easy journey, I rejoice knowing that my wife passed away from this world serving the Lord with all of her heart. Our memories of serving as a family will always be treasured in my heart.

Now, I continue to serve the Lord as the church building supervisor and I also serve in different ministries and activities such as the Children’s Ministry, Choir, Evangelism, Outreach, Bible studies, Technical team and currently on the Prayer Team Ministry. As a family with my son and daughter, we continue to grow in Christ serving in the different ministries with the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with. God is so good!